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Cat | July 12, 2022 1:09 PM | hangbony

i love how they trash talk eachother before fighting

This can happen only in India where people are talking nice things about one animal h.ur.ting another…. And Modi wants India to become incredible India.

OMG is just a beauty how cats master the movement and positioning, they’re like kung fu masters…

You can check, the perpe.trator always assume a front position so he can jump at anytime directly towards the opponent. This eliminates lateral movement, for.ci.ng the defensive cat to react only based in his depth perception, wich slow down his reaction time…

In the other hand, the defendant always assume a la.te.ral stance, so the ag.re.ssor got int.imi.dated by an aparently bigger body… That’s also a form of improving his reaction time, once he can easily lay on tgw ground and expose all his claws and teeth to the other in that well known feline defensive position.

Also interesting to notice how the defendant don’t worry much to look right into ag.gre.ssor’s face. He is 100% focused in speeding up his reaction time so he is relying in the peripheral vision to seek for any clue of a launching movement from the other cat.

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