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Cat | July 22, 2022 2:23 AM | hangbony

Cat Drags Friend’s Lifeless Body To Nearby Shelter To Attempt To Get Help

The cat was tired but maintained continuing to seek assistance.

A cat in north China was seen dragging the lifeless b.o.dy of a friend refusing to leave him behind and thinking that he was actually gone.

We constantly understood canines were loyal creatures willing to do anything to assist someone in need, but cats are also capable of unconditional love and also have the knowledge to act on it.

The reason for the cat’s death is unknown, yet what we do know is that this friend had not been prepared to accept it and also let go.

The caring feline proceeded to drag the b.o.dy under a vehicle for safety before taking it to a close-by shelter to at.te.mpt to get some assistance. The cat was plainly tired however really did not hesitate to maintain working and look for assistance.

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