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Elephant | September 26, 2022 10:57 PM | hangbony

Tow Baby Elephants Fighting Each Other Over The Head With Their Trunks

This is a cute moment of two baby elephants h.i.t.t.ing each other over the head with their trunks in a play fight.The creatures had been consuming plants before they began taunting one another beneath the trees at a national park in Kanchanaburi Province, western Thailand.

Footage shows one of the youngsters lightly striking its companion’s head with his trunk before the other one lashes out and h.i.t.s back. The pair were part of a 50-member herd that was foraging when the footage was taken by a local wildlife enthusiast known as Prathom.

‘The newborn elephants are so adorable and sweet, It makes me really happy to see them enjoy life in their natural habitat.’’ Prathom added.

Elephants Benefit From Having Older Siblings – Especially Sisters:
A study of semi-captive Asian elephants in Myanmar has found that calves benefit from having older sisters more than older brothers. Being raised with older siblings strongly increased calves’ long-term survival compared to not having a sibling, with elder sisters having a bigger impact than elder brothers.

In female elephants, those raised with older sisters had higher long-term survival and reproduced for the first time an average of two years earlier, compared to those with older brothers. Reproducing at an earlier age is generally associated with more offspring over the course of an elephant’s lifetime.
In male elephants, those raised with older sisters had lower survival but higher body weight, compared to those with older brothers. Calves are raised by their mothers until the age of five when they are trained for work.

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