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Animals | September 10, 2022 2:07 PM | hangbony

Seeing the dangerous Chandranag swinging around the head of an innocent child, the mother saved her by betting on Janaki.

Bowing down to this Monocled cobra.. That is a very vicious snake other than the Russell Viper. Thank God the baby did not get bitten. Maybe suggest the bed is off the ground. Please spread your message and please be safe.

Mirza Bhai, as always, you did a very good rescue, you saved this poisonous, angry Chandranag and people’s lives too, Surprised, some people came as a messenger of Yamraj, assuming the form of God, they were bowing down and bowing with respect!

A group of Hindus in India are busy sending rockets to the moon, another group of Hindus bows their heads to the ground in respect when they see a snake. What a strange race!!! Does this superstition make them inhuman or make them human beings with more human qualities.

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