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Animals | October 5, 2022 12:57 AM | hangbony

Unseen Crocodile action! Nile Crocodile plunges 10+/- meters into the Sabie River with Zebra kill…

What a slide, diving! A very opportunistic move by a couple of crocodiles. This was really a first for us to see several Nile crocodiles plunge more than 10 meters high from the riverbank into the Sabie River in Kruger National Park. Remember, the crocodile is about 4–5 meters long.

Our valued guests, Moss Fairleigh and his wife, were just as surprised and took unique and special photographs of this unseen behavior. The Lions made the kill and walked off thinking that it was safe to have a drink or to relax in the shade after having such a big meal. Thinking the kill was safe from crocodiles and out of reach was a big mistake, as they are avid climbers of river banks and reached the kill in no time.

The largest crocodile took all his power and slid down backwards with the kill into the river, not letting go of its prize. In the water, it was fair game, and many crocodiles joined in the feast. The Lion later realized something was wrong and returned to take a look, only to see the hopeless situation they were in and lose their second helping. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Well done to Hennie Bekker as the safari guide for the trip and for sticking around and letting nature take its course.

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