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Birds | October 26, 2022 8:58 AM | hangbony

Magnificent Riflebird Its mating call is so beautiful, clear and musical. Enchanting.

That is some fancy footwork and nice moves. I especially love the ending when he stands tall and the blue color fades away. absolutely beautiful. Such beautiful looking and sounding birds. I like how we have the melodious riflebirds and ear-piercing white bellbirds on the same planet.

How the bird knows what the color combinations are on its feathers and uses them in dance coordination is beyond my understanding and fascinating. Who knows what other surprises nature has in store for us nowadays?
With all that jumping up and down while moving up the branch and then down again while also flipping his head from side to side, it is amazing that he never once lost his balance!!

Fabulous footage, made all the more amazing by having no music to spoil the natural sound. How all wildlife footage should be presented It’s really interesting to see how whenever the bird calls,its neck changes color upwards,making it seem like he’s charging each “shot” or call before it fires.

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