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Birds | November 12, 2021 1:34 PM | hangbony

Big Mistake Eagle Provoked Baby Leopard And The Unexpected | Mother Leopard Fail To Save Her Baby


This is an excellent example of shoddy, subpar editing! When it was being devoured by a clearly different eagle, the young leopard transformed into a cheetah cub, then into a baby serval cat! This video is really funny.

Every time I read that title, I know there will be a bunch of bs video spliced together, I keep giving it the thumbs down, yet it continues reappearing.

This is a composite of at least three separate footages, The last one occurred when a python ate the cub, and the eagle, Crafty, changed color several times while the leopard only turned to a cheetah once.

These are Different footages – first was Cheetah with cub … second was eagle diving down … third was eagle devouring some cub … fourth was Leopard jumping across the trees, Thank you for like and share.

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