The Cambodian Boy Who Sleeps with a Python.

Just looked it up, The family gave up the snake to a sanctuary 3 years ago because they could no longer afford to feed it (it was eating 10 chickens a week), Seems no ever happened and the boy who’s 14 now still goes to the sanctuary to visit it.

There really is something magical that happens when you raise any animal from a baby, It’s bonds and imprinted a good owner as one of its kind.

Reptiles of course with smaller brains think more instinctual, but the giant snake is connected to boy as if they are the same species, Also the boys body heat keeps the snake warm at night.

The snake still an animal, but has adapted to the boy as a deep part of its existence, Also, the snake looks to get full time attention from the boy…here’s the future problem…boy grows up and goes off to school…not sure how the giant will do with separation anxiety…confusion just might have him eating one of the family members or rebonding, Fascinating story either way. Snake looked extremely healthy.