Baboons and crocodiles compete for the b.odies of baby monkeys.

Baboons are recognized for being and intelligent, but they also have a lot of compassion for humans and other animals.

The baboons v.irtually k.illed by the croco.diles, with only a few surviving with s.erious i.njuries. A touching video depicting a b.aboon m.other f.ighting a l.ion to s.ave her babies from a crocodile’s jaws is bound to provoke thought.

In the video, baboons are sipping water adjacent to a dry pit fish when they are s.uddenly atta.cked by c.rocodiles. An adult baboon was atta.cked and taken by the crocodile after it surfaced.

The baboon r.esisted and managed to f.lee, but it was unable to a.void the w.ounds on its hands. The crocodile rushed ashore again, catching a newborn monkey crying for its mother.

Another m.onkey d.ashed down to f.ight the c.rocodile and try to reclaim the youngster. The crocodile released the infant monkey after many dives to b.attle.

However, the young monkey d.ied as a result of n.umerous w.ounds, and the mother monkey, distraught, carried her baby to a corner and cried. Mother monkey gave it her all, but the wild world was too much for her.