>> Little puppy was du.m.ped over the fence, crying in p.a.in. Why they can did that to this innocent soul?

Little puppy was th.ro.wn over the fence, wh.im.pering in an.gu.ish the entire time. Why did they do that to a helpless little soul?
I discovered a very cool dog inside our small Shelter this morning. Those puppies were du.m.ped over the fence by someone.

He could be hit because he can’t sit up and cries all the time, and he appears to have br.ea.thing pr.ob.lems. I started treating it with an infusion for hydration and a homemade antibiotic.
During the time I was treating one puppy, a lady came in with another puppy and told me she didn’t want to th.ro.w it away…at least this one is healthy and hu.ng.ry.

The an.ger I feel towards the scum who did this knows no bounds. Thank you all so much for helping this little one and to all the rescuers out there.